10 Dorm Essential Must-Haves

26th Feb 2020

10 Dorm Essential Must-Haves

Looking for some ideas on what to pack for college or what to have your son or daughter pack for a safe and successful first year away from home? We’ve come up with a list of 10 travel gear items that double as dorm essentials!

1. Duffel Bag and Backpack

These are the two most important items for getting your belongings and school work to and from college for spring break with friends or going home for winter break. If you are planning on leaving clothes at home for when you visit, a smaller duffel or even a backpack may do! For carrying your laptop and school work to classes, we recommend our ONboard Underseat Backpack. With multiple compartments and a padded laptop pocket, this backpack will make staying organized for your classes a breeze. This bag also fits under airline seats and in overhead compartments, making traveling home with this backpack a no-brainer.

2. Portable SafePortable Safe

From your dorm room to the library, keeping your belongings secure is so important. Store your money and important documents in your dorm room or take the portable safe on the go to keep your laptop, keys, ID, phone, and wallet safe while you hit the gym or dive into the textbooks at the library or local coffee shop.

3. RFID-blocking wallet

An RFID-blocking wallet is so important when you are on campus walking by and interacting with thousands of people every day. Keep your information safe while using public transit or studying with friends at a cafe.

4. Alarm Clock

8am’s sounded like a great idea back in June didn’t they? This alarm clock doubles as a flashlight so you don’t have to risk waking up your roommate while you grab your things and head off to class first thing in the morning.

5. Door AlarmDoor Alarm

Sleeping in a new place can be difficult and a bit scary no matter who you are. Sleep with peace of mind knowing that you’ve added an extra level of security to your dorm room. This door alarm can also be used on windows as well.

6. Comfort Items (Blanket, sleep mask, neck pillow, ear plugs)

There’s no place like home and your dorm room is no exception. Loud neighbors, the inability to control your room temperature, and less than adequate window treatments are cause for a lousy night’s sleep. The BeWell Collection includes a blanket, sleep masks, and neck pillows made from smart, soft materials for advanced comfort and wellness. If you are looking for a pair of ear plugs as well, we have a few options that are also great for reducing pressure while flying too (perfect for flying home or a weekend getaway with friends!).

7. Umbrella / Poncho 

Walking to class in the rain can be a bummer, but sitting through a class with every piece of clothing drenched is worse. Our umbrella has a 37 inch canopy when opened but is only 2.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches long when folded, fitting inside your backpack without taking up too much space. If you are heading to a football game where backpacks aren’t allowed, we suggest carrying along an emergency poncho so you can enjoy the game even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

8. Compression Bags / Packing CubesCompression Bags

Storage space is minimal in dorm rooms. Packing cubes and compression bags can be excellent options for keeping your clothing and other items organized while not in use. Compression bags can be stored under your bed and are perfect for cold-weather gear you may not need until later in the semester. Packing cubes are great for your trips home, too.

9. Immersion Heater

You probably already know that dorms have very strict rules on items such as coffee pots and microwaves and sometimes you just want a cup o’ joe while studying or a quick meal before running to class. Our immersion heater is compact (5 inches in length) and is able to heat up a glass of water for tea or coffee or a bowl of soup!

10. Wrinkle Wiz

Pulling out an iron and ironing board can be a project when in a small dorm room shared with one or more people, and limited storage space can hinder organization in a closet and dresser drawers. As a convenient alternative to traditional ironing, Wrinkle Wiz de-wrinkles fabrics and gives them a re-fresh by educing static cling and eliminating odors.

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