Tips for Camp Cooking

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 20th Jan 2017

When you’re out in nature, activities are often reduced to simple things like arranging the campsite, getting the fire started, and cooking. Make sure you’re prepared by considering these tips. Plan out your meals ahead of time. While hot dogs and s’mores are camping staples, it’s good to prepare healthy snacks to munch on like grapes or carrots. If you’re not experienced at making fires, bring items like mat...
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Introduction to Tokyo’s Neighborhoods

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 12th Jan 2017

This is a primer to some of Tokyo’s neighborhoods and areas of interests. As a city with hundreds of years’ worth of history, it’s experienced rapid growth and has sought to find a balance between preserving nature and modernizing the landscape. This is a small taste of what Tokyo has to offer, including famous attractions, cultural activities, foods, and more.Getting ThereIf you’re flying from Chicago, the flight to Japan is about 13 hours,...
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Introducing Yourself and Getting Around in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 28th Oct 2016

For a primer on things to see in Buenos Aires, read our guide. Saying Hello and GoodbyeRegarding Argentine customs, first and foremost, you must know that if you are introduced to someone, or you see a friend or family member, you must kiss them cheek to cheek (always with your right cheek) when saying hello AND goodbye. And this isn't just for women; men do it too. They'll usually ask you "Que tal?" rather than "Como estas?" althou...
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