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Beach Camping in La Push

Posted by Megan Cody on 31st Mar 2016

On my last trip to Seattle, my friend and I took a trip to La Push on the coast. Nerd alert: it was because it looked pretty in Twilight. We arrived with a couple sleeping bags and a tent and some food, but no plans of where we would sleep that night. As we were driving, we stumbled upon a little wooden sign pointing down a gravel road that said "Rialto Beach." We liked the sound of that and decided to check it out.

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.

As we stood on the sand by the water, we were wrapped on either side by cliffs and evergreens. In just a few minutes’ walk during low tide, we could reach the caves built into the tall rocks that were set just beyond the beach. And one of the best parts about it -- hardly anyone was around so we had most of the beach to ourselves.

As the sun was setting, I decided to pull out my drone and start filming. Two guys around our age walked up to us and started a conversation about drones. It turned into conversations about traveling and exploring and family. Before we knew it, all the stars were out and they asked if we wanted help building a fire. They seemed nice and safe enough so we let them join us for a bit.

They told us stories about their favorite meals their moms cooked and meeting great fishermen in the Bering Sea. Before we hopped in our tent to go to bed, they suggested some places to explore the next day. We parted ways assuming we would never see them again.

The next day we made the 2 hour trek to Cape Flattery and then on to Shi Shi Beach -- two of the five places the guys had recommended. As we pulled into the parking area to make the hike out to Shi Shi, our new friends happened to be chillin' in their van across from us eating lunch and getting suited up for some surfing.

So we hiked out with them to their favorite spot. We shared some freshly smoked salmon they got from a guy down the street, played some frisbee, flew kites, and ended up making some great exploring buddies.

I'm sure we would still have had a great experience had none of those things fallen into place, but because we allowed ourselves to be spontaneous and flexible, we found a whole lot of beauty and great long-distance friends.