​How to Pack for Spring Break

22nd Jan 2020

​How to Pack for Spring Break

How to Pack for Spring Break

Hanging Toiletry KitSpring break is right around the corner and it seems like packing is always left until the very last minute because it’s so stressful trying to organize everything and ensure nothing has been forgotten. From toiletries to accessories, we’ve created some tips on how to pack for the optimal carry-on suitcase!


To begin, make a list of what you’d like to bring keeping in mind how long you’ll be gone. Start from your head and go down to your toes and make sure you have a list of everything you need to bring along with you! Always go back through your list to make sure you are only bringing the necessities - is there anything that you can live without for the next week? 

Also think about how you’ll pack your suitcase, keep your heaviest (and less urgent) items near the wheels to prevent it from falling over in the security lines. This will most likely be your shoes, followed by clothing, then accessories and toiletries on top for easy access for security checks. Now that you have a list of what you want to bring, here are some tips to keep your bag organized while traveling and throughout your entire trip!


Starting with toiletries, it’s always important that your toiletries are easily accessible and are unable to spill over the rest of your luggage if something were to open. Packing just enough for your trip with a 3-1-1 carry-on set and leaving the full-size shampoo bottle at home will also allow you to travel with a carry-on. 

We have a variety of toiletry bags that can suit your style and your needs all in one. If you are traveling with liquids, our hanging toiletry kit allows you to separate your products for ultimate organization. This versatile organizer consists of four different sections, including two breathable mesh pockets, a water-resistant plastic compartment, and a section that holds small toiletries individually. Another great item to organize your week is a pill organizer for any prescriptions or vitamins you may be taking. If you are packing for the family, remember that each of you gets just a quart-sized clear bag for liquids.


Moving on to outfits, we suggest you pack half the clothes you think you’ll need for your trip, especially if you are going to have a washer/dryer! Pack items that you can mix and match and re-wear throughout your trip! This will not only cut down on packing, but the laundry you’ll have to do when you get home. If something needs to be washed while on vacation and you didn’t book a hotel or rental with a washer/dryer, pack a packet of SinkSuds so you can wash the garment(s) in the sink, and hang to dry in the bathroom, shower, or with a travel clothesline and it’ll be ready to be worn by the next day. 

We also recommend carrying along a small bottle of Wrinkle Wiz to help refresh clothes and decrease wrinkles in items that may not necessarily need to be washed. This is also great for when you first arrive; unpack all of your clothes and give them a spray after hanging them in the closet.


Waterproof Phone Pouch

We all have the intention of “unplugging” while on vacation and going to the beach without any technology, but that just never happens. This is why bringing along waterproof and sand-proof gear is so important. With a waterproof phone pouch, you’ll now be able to take your phone with you into the ocean and capture some pretty great photos and videos! If you’re only bringing your phone down to the beach, the phone pouch is a great way to keep your phone protected.

However, if you are planning on bringing down multiple phones, keys, wallets, and more, we’d recommend checking out one of our bags with locking technology. Some recommendations are the WaterSeals Locking Backpack, Sling, or Cinch Backpack. All are similar in terms of use, the only difference is the straps of the backpack. Another option is the WaterSeals Portable Safe which can fit inside of a larger beach bag that you already own.


Be sure to organize your clothes in packing cubes to make searching for your items stress-free while at the beach. If you are traveling with the family, we suggest keeping family members’ clothes in their own packing cubes, and if you are traveling solo or are just packing for yourself, pack similar items together. Whether you decide to fold or roll your clothes is up to you (or whatever Marie Kondo techniques you’ve recently read up on)! We have several sizes of packing cubes to make this simple and increase space in your suitcase.


If you are packing multiple pairs of shoes, try to find pairs that will be versatile. Pack shoes that you can wear to dinner and to the beach! Always cover your shoes to protect your suitcase and belongings with shoe covers. Always wear your heaviest (and most comfortable) shoes and clothes on the plane to decrease weight and increase space in your carry-on.


If you plan on bringing electronics on the trip, put all of the accessories (headphones, chargers, etc.) in a small packing cube after labeling each one with your name. How many times have you gone on a trip with friends or family and suddenly your phone charger is missing? Use a small piece of masking tape to add your initials to your cords to prevent them from disappearing! We also suggest packing these in your backpack so that they are easily accessible throughout the flight.


Last but certainly not least is travel security. We always recommend using a luggage tag to aid in identifying your bag and a lock on your suitcase while traveling through airports and while leaving your suitcase in your hotel room. The portable safe can also be used in the hotel room to keep your valuables secure while out of the room. Another great item that we would recommend for all groups is a travel door alarm.

Travel Door Alarm

This alarm notifies you when a door or window has been opened. We received feedback from a family who used this in a multi-room AirBnB to alert them if any bedroom doors with small children had been opened. When kids are in a new space, they can become confused and disoriented very quickly so the parents were able to know right away if the child had woken up in the middle of the night.