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Lewis N. Clark is Selected as a Top Outdoor Blog

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Lewis N. Clark has been named a top outdoor blog by CreditDonkey for 2017. From their website:

At CreditDonkey, we're constantly shopping for the latest outdoor gear. And as part of our research, we've come across so many bloggers out there who share this passion. Some are as useful as a canteen without water. Instead, follow the bloggers below for the very best tips and observations from the great outdoors.

Lewis N. Clark's blog is packed with camping tips, travel stories, and advice for touring some of the greatest destinations on earth.

Why Lewis N. Clark is a Top Outdoor Blog: Avid travelers and nature lovers will find tons of inspiration for their next camping trip, international adventure, or road trip on this blog.

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Interview with Aaron Wolf, Founder of Adventures Accessed

Meet Aaron Wolf, a business owner and one of Lewis N. Clark's brand ambassadors. Aaron is someone who took his love of nature and transformed it into a business. As Owner and Lead Guide at Adventures Accessed, he regularly goes backpacking, rafting, camping, and more. We sat down with him to learn a little bit about how he got [...]

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How to Start a Fire

It can be intimidating to start a fire if you didn't learn how to when you were growing up, but with some patience, practice, and perhaps a little assistance from modern fire-starting products, you can create your own fire as well.Getting StartedIf you’re at a campsite, they’ll likely have a fire pit or fire ring for [...]

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Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy on Your Camping Trip

Do you like camping but wish it was a more pleasant experience? With just a few adjustments, these little things may make all the difference in the world.1. Consider how you sleep. If you have a lot of back problems, you may want to invest in an air mattress, or if you have neck issues, pack extra pillows [...]

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Tips for Camp Cooking

When you’re out in nature, activities are often reduced to simple things like arranging the campsite, getting the fire started, and cooking. Make sure you’re prepared by considering these tips. Plan out your meals ahead of time. While hot dogs and s’mores are camping staples, it’s good to prepare healthy snacks to munch on like grapes or carrots. If you’re not [...]

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Beach Camping in La Push

On my last trip to Seattle, my friend and I took a trip to La Push on the coast. Nerd alert: it was because it looked pretty in Twilight. We arrived with a couple sleeping bags and a tent and some food, but no plans of where we would sleep that night. As we were driving, we stumbled [...]

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What to Pack for Your Camping Trip

We’ve all gotten somewhere and realize we’ve forgotten something. When you’re camping, it’s often not possible to take a quick trip back home to grab supplies. That’s why we’ve come up with this list. 1. Pack a first aid kit that includes band aids, antibiotic ointment, and anti-itch cream. If you take medications, organize them with a pill box or pill organizer. 2. [...]

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The Future of Organized Packing

Growing up going to an eight-week overnight camp can turn one into an expert packer. Not expert in the sense of knowing exactly what clothes and items are necessary for two months away from home, but expert in the sense that one learns how to stuff every possible piece of clothing, shoe, or "tchotchke" from your bedroom into two [...]

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How to Prepare for Your Camping Trip

Whether you've never gone camping and are curious, or haven't been for a long time and need a refresher, these tips will help prepare you for your camping adventure.1. Check with the campsite to see if you need to purchase any state park stickers or other licenses to fish, hunt, etc. Some organizations allow online reservations while others require [...]

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