Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy on Your Camping Trip

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 16th Mar 2017

Do you like camping but wish it was a more pleasant experience? With just a few adjustments, these little things may make all the difference in the world.1. Consider how you sleep. If you have a lot of back problems, you may want to invest in an air mattress, or if you have neck issues, pack extra pillows (compression packers will condense larger items like these). Some find that traditional sleeping bags and ground pads are the best way to...
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Tips for Camp Cooking

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 20th Jan 2017

When you’re out in nature, activities are often reduced to simple things like arranging the campsite, getting the fire started, and cooking. Make sure you’re prepared by considering these tips. Plan out your meals ahead of time. While hot dogs and s’mores are camping staples, it’s good to prepare healthy snacks to munch on like grapes or carrots. If you’re not experienced at making fires, bring items like mat...
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Beach Camping in La Push

Posted by Megan Cody on 31st Mar 2016

On my last trip to Seattle, my friend and I took a trip to La Push on the coast. Nerd alert: it was because it looked pretty in Twilight. We arrived with a couple sleeping bags and a tent and some food, but no plans of where we would sleep that night. As we were driving, we stumbled upon a little wooden sign pointing down a gravel road that said...
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