Things to Do in Toledo, Spain

18th Sep 2019

Toledo, Spain, is the “City of Three Cultures”, known for its Muslim, Christian, and Jewish heritage present within the city walls. This city is the perfect day-trip from Madrid. If you have the time, staying a night can be well worth your time as well. Read on for suggestions on how to get there, things to do, places to eat, and where to shop in Toledo, Spain.How to Get There: Take the train! It is so simple and very affordable. For non-citizens...
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Vacationing in Germany and Italy (Part 2)

Posted by Rocky Sickel on 13th May 2015

This is part 2 of Rocky’s journey through Europe. Read part 1 here!We first visited Vicenza where a good friend lives for two days, and from there we moved to Venice for two days and then headed to Rome and spent three days there. From Rome we spent a day in Florence before moving to Siena for two days. From Siena we went back to Vicenza for a day before flying from Aviano Airbase to Baltimore. March is a great time of year to visit Ita...
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Vacationing in Germany and Italy

Posted by Rocky Sickel on 16th Apr 2015

As a retired soldier, I am able to use my Space Available Travel benefit, which allows me to basically fly for free on military-chartered aircraft as space is available. Therefore, I decided to take my son to Europe during the spring break of his senior year in high school. We successfully departed from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on March 10th with nothing more than our carry-on sized backpacks. We arrived at a small airport outs...
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