Target Exclusive Lewis N. Clark Products

18th Feb 2020

Target Exclusive Lewis N. Clark Products

We are very excited to announce three new Target exclusive Lewis N. Clark items hit the shelves nationwide this month! The three new Target-exclusive items are the WaterSeals Waterproof Anti-Theft Cinch Backpack, SafeBox Portable Safe, and the SafeBox Travel Security Alarm.

WaterSeals Waterproof Anti-Theft Cinch Backpack

The WaterSeals Waterproof Anti-Theft Cinch Backpack allows you to secure your backpack and keep it safe from the elements. The Secura Lock combination lock protects contents and secures the bag to stationary objects to help prevent theft.

Made of waterproof nylon rip-stop material with an IPX 5 waterproof rating including sealed seams, this bag protects your electronics, gear, and accessories from water and debris. This bag is perfect for canoeing, kaying, snorkeling, and other activities on the water. It is also great for school sports, pools, water parks, beaches, campgrounds, cruises, or anywhere belongings need to stay dry and/or locked up.

SafeBox Portable Safe

The go-anywhere, stay-anywhere SafeBox Portable Safe with Secura Lock Technology secures valuables, providing peace of mind and the freedom to move around. The design is flexible and durable, yet compact and lightweight. This bag is perfect for travel and outdoor activities.

Store your phone, wallet, cash, jewelry, passport, keys and more. Use at the hotel, on the beach, camping, at the park, at school, at the hospital, on a cruise, and anywhere you’d like to lock up your belongings.

SafeBox Travel Security Alarm

When you are in a new place, an added measure of protection can give you peace of mind to sleep better at night, even if you’ve locked the door. The SafeBox Travel Security Alarm will give you that peace of mind whether you’re traveling or staying at home. With a motion sensor that triggers the alarm when a door or window has opened, it can be used in a variety of places including hotels or hostels, college dorm rooms, or even at home. 

The sound intensity level of 91dB is loud enough to hear throughout the room and will startle an intruder. No one will be able to get in or out without you knowing. This alarm is also perfect as a personal security alarm. Carry it in your pocket while traveling or walking to your car and activate the alarm if you feel that you are in danger, also creating a startle response.

Target carries a variety of other Lewis N. Clark products and can be found in stores or online. Next time you’re on a Target run, be sure to check out the Travel aisle and pick up one, two, or all three Target exclusive Lewis N. Clark travel items!