Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy on Your Camping Trip

Posted by Ashley Atkinson-Leon on 16th Mar 2017

Do you like camping but wish it was a more pleasant experience? With just a few adjustments, these little things may make all the difference in the world.

1. Consider how you sleep. If you have a lot of back problems, you may want to invest in an air mattress, or if you have neck issues, pack extra pillows (compression packers will condense larger items like these). Some find that traditional sleeping bags and ground pads are the best way to go.

2. A lot of campers like to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping in the morning and the sight of a beautiful dawn. However, if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider packing an eye mask and ear plugs

3. Wear old but sturdy shoes. Ideally you’ll have a pair that you’re not afraid to get dirty, but that aren’t so worn-down that you won’t have support during your hikes and other expeditions. You can also invest in shoes that are specifically designed for outdoor recreation.

4. GoGirl is a great product for women who don’t want to use the (often questionable) port-a-potties at camping sites, or for those who have none available at all. 

5. While wearing traditional sunblock and bug spray is always helpful, you could also try other methods such as wearing wide-brimmed hats or using citronella candles. Often, a layer of clothing is the best protection against sunburn and insect bites.

6. If you’ll be out in the blazing sun all day, bring along a cool towel. You simply need to wet it first and then it keeps you cool for several hours at a time. It goes without saying that you should keep yourself as hydrated as possible too.

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