Brand Ambassadors

Learn more about Lewis N. Clark's brand ambassadors, who embody the spirit of adventure through their love of travel and the outdoors.



Name: Megan Cody

Current Occupation: Filmmaker and Photographer

Current Location: Chicago

Hobbies: Playing sports, cooking, reading, writing, traveling, finding the best chicken & waffles, jumping off of high things

Traveling and the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life. I was one of those kids who lived for the summers so I could be outside climbing trees, fishing, playing soccer, finding fossils, catching frogs and making adventures. We went on a few road trips and cross country vacations while I was growing up. But my first big trip was when I moved to the Dominican Republic for a year with a family and 6 other 18-year-old girls after high school. Something I appreciate about traveling is being challenged to become more independent and the continual learning that happens outside of your comfort zone. You can learn a lot from reading books, but, to me, the real learning comes when you're put in situations where you have to step out and do something, make a quick decision, plan something and account for errors and mishaps, actually speak in other languages or learn them to get by. 

One of my favorite and most stressful trips was to New Zealand. We spent a week there (which was not nearly enough time to visit both islands very well). Despite the rental car company giving us a faulty GPS, getting caught in a rainstorm while setting up our tent in the dark on a volcano, trying to eat a PB&J on a windy beach, and being told that our ferry ticket was booked incorrectly and they didn't have enough space for our car for another 2 days, it was a pretty great trip! We got to sleep in our hammocks on a secluded beach, met some wild ostriches, went skydiving above cliffs and the ocean, and came back with a thirst for more trips to visit the Kiwis.



Name: Logan Havens

Current Occupation: Photographer and Videographer at Havens Creative

Current Location: Los Angeles

Hobbies: Hiking, canyoneering, climbing, traveling, cooking, photography, sewing, and drawing

I grew up not far from Zion National Park. I really got involved with canyoneering in my teen years. We would often take on a 6-10 mile hike with around 3-15 rappels. We spent a lot of time outside. I really enjoyed the new experiences. Later on I moved to Lithuania for a few years and then later to Russia. It was such an amazing opportunity to live with the people and learn the languages and try to understand different world perspectives. Since that time I haven’t been able to stop. I have filled up a passport working and traveling anywhere I can get to. I was recently in Mongolia, and soon I’ll be in Norway. It has been crazy how travel for fun became travel for work. The world has really opened up for me.

One of the travel experiences that shaped my life was when I was in college, and I wanted to go to Europe, but I knew I couldn’t afford restaurants and hotels and flights and everything. Instead, I purchased a plane ticket and a Eurail pass. I told all my friends I was going and that I was going to eat bread and water and sleep under bridges. They all ended up joining. There were 6 of us traveling for over a month through all of Europe. We ate bread, cheese and vegetables. We slept in forests, abandoned castles, train stations, and beaches. It was a naïve and beautiful experience that I could never re-experience. I guess that shaped my views on everything. If you want it, you have to do it in whatever way you possibly can to make it happen.



Name: Carolynne W. Thurst

Current Occupation: Travel Blogger at The Thirsty Tourist

Current Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Hobbies: Photography, hiking, quilting, reading, and backyard adventures

Simply said, I’m travel obsessed. Growing up, the furthest I ever traveled was to our family cottage, which was a quick 2.5-hour drive away. I’ve since made up for that by boarding my first flight 8 years ago and never looking back.

My personality is completely suited to frequent traveling as I’m always looking for the “What’s Next” in life, and I never tire of being in transit. My wanderlust has spurred me to visit all of the provinces in Canada, and I’m on my way to crossing all of the United States off my list.

While I’m on the road I live for the outdoors. I’m always planning the latest Backyard Adventure, which fosters new experiences and creates long lasting memories. I’m a shutterbug and my cameras are always within reach. Through blogging, I share my experiences and try to encourage others to lead an active lifestyle.

My favorite adventures to date include visiting a butterfly conservatory where the butterflies landed right on my hand and traipsing across swinging suspension bridges. I’ve tried my hand at glassblowing, hunted for icebergs, and got completely soaked while whitewater rafting – but loved every single minute of it. I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest travel gear to make sure I’m fully prepared for my next adventure.



Name: Aaron Wolf

Current Occupation: Owner and Lead Guide at Adventures Accessed, LLC

Current Location: Chicago

Hobbies: Backpacking, camping, hiking, hammocking, cooking, toiling around the fire

I've been romping in the forests, 'cricks' and fields since I was a youngin'. I spent days, sometimes weeks at a time outdoors while serving in the Marine Corps but I like to attribute the bulk of my experience to just a simple obsession with our wild spaces. I've been leading groups of friends in backpacking trips for several years now, helping them understand maps, weather, fire building, water purification and all other aspects that come with spending time outdoors. I've been professionally leading groups for the past year or so as a registered guide and outfitter in the Hoosier National Forest and the Manistee National Forest. It's the best.

I've been in almost every climate and find all of them bewildering and stunning in their own right. I feel like every time I go somewhere new you can count on me to tell you that it's among the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I’m like a hopeless romantic for trees, water and dirt.

Some of my favorite travel/outdoor experiences have been dealing with gales and rain on the coast of Lake Superior, flash flooding and ice storms in the Appalachians, craning my neck in Yosemite as I stare upwards at the sequoias and sailing the archipelagos off the Maine coast. I don't love extreme conditions but when you thrive under them, you have a great sense of accomplishment.