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Personal Care


Whether you want to organize your medications and toiletries, take liquids through airport security, prevent motion sickness, or keep your clothes fresh, these products will keep you happy and healthy throughout your trip.

AM/PM Pill Organizer


The Lewis N. Clark AM/PM pill organizer allows you to pre-plan the dosages you'll need so you won't have to remember whether you've taken them already or not. It can be used whether you're traveling or you simply want a convenient way to carry around...

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Seven Day Pill Box


This compact blue pill box sorts and organizes your pills so there's no confusion about the day or time you should take your medications, which can be especially difficult when you're traveling for work or leisure. Each compartment is constructed of...

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Hanging Toiletry Kit


Instead of tucking all your toiletries into different compartments of your suitcase and then not being able to find your belongings after they've shifted during your travels, put them in a toiletry kit where you'll be able to locate them easily. This...

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Shoe Covers (2 Pairs)


Bringing an extra pair of shoes on your travels doesn't mean that the other contents of your luggage have to get dirty. These shoe covers protect your clothes and allow you to take your shoes wherever you need to go.  Constructed of flexible nylon...

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Immersion Heater


After a long day of traveling or backpacking, a good cup of coffee or tea is sometimes just what we need to rejuvenate us for another day. Use this immersion heater to heat up your favorite drinks in minutes.  Perfect for heating water on the road,...

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Silicone Travel Cup


This flexible silicone cup comes in handy when you don't want to buy an expensive water bottle at the airport but still need to keep hydrated. Simply fill it up at the nearest drinking fountain for free after passing through the airport security lines...

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Deluxe Pill Organizer


•   Lightweight and compact pill organizer.•   Features nine removable, slide-locking compartments.•   Includes medical reference card.•   Fastens shut when not in use.•   Folded:...

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