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Luggage Locks

Our luggage locks will protect your bags while traveling and keep potential thieves and clumsy bag handlers from your valuables. Studies have shown that airline passengers file 8,000 claims yearly against the TSA for losing items. So say goodbye to zip-ties and travel worries, our security locks will keep your stuff safe.

TSA Approved Locks for Your Luggage

All of our locks are TSA approved and should have no problem getting through customer service and security checkpoints. Our TSA locks come with different features including steel cables, combination locks, and master keys. Whatever you prefer with your TSA luggage lock, Lewis N. Clark will provide!


Travel Sentry Cable Lock


Our classic cable lock (also available as a 2-pack) offers security in the form of a steel cable and a 3-dial combination. This lock is easy to set with our step-by-step written and video instructions – making it keys-free, and one less thing...

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Retractable Cable Lock


Featuring a flexible 30in braided stainless steel cable, this lock is ideal for both grouping items together and securing them to fixed objects. The combination is easy to reset and its bright blue color also makes it stand out at the luggage carousel...

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