Luggage Scales

Digital Luggage ScaleSo Why Do I Need A Luggage Scale?

It can be tempting to fill your suitcase with more than you need before departing for a vacation. And it can be even more tempting to fill spare space in your bag with souvenirs to bring home. Which isn’t a problem - until you have to check your bag of course. Overweight luggage can become very pricey at the airline check-in gate. A portable scale for your luggage is a great way for you to keep tabs on how much you are actually carrying with you. 

What Should I Look For In A Luggage Weight Scale?

How much weight can it hold? - All weight scales have a weight capacity, or a limit to how much they can hold and measure. Most airlines will not charge fees for any bags below 50 pounds. Our digital luggage scales max out at 90 pounds, which is significantly past the weight limit. Always make sure to check your luggage scale can measure what you need!

Does it measure in pounds or kilograms (or both)? - Most airlines will post their limits in both metric and standard weight, so this is more dependent on what you are used to and where you are traveling. However it can be useful to have a scale weight that displays both measurements. At Lewis N. Clark, our digital displays toggle between both pounds and kilograms so you don’t have to decide!

Does it have an LCD display or a physical scale? - This one is all about preference. As long as you can read it! We do have a Digital Luggage Scale with a backlit LCD display, which can be handy if you plan on using it at night.


Digital Luggage Scale

The Lewis N. Clark digital luggage scale provides weight measurements up to 90lbs/40kg so you can weigh your luggage during your travels to make sure that you don't have to pay any overweight baggage fees – before you get to the counter. While it's...

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