Luggage Tags

Luggage TagsBaggage claim carousels can be a nightmare. While scrambling through this mess of similar-looking dark suitcases, travelers can very easily grab the wrong bag and ruin a vacation! Luckily the problem has an easy and cheap solution... a luggage tag!

Suitcase Tags And Bag Tags For Your Trip

Our bright suitcase tags make it easy to find your bag in a crowd. From funny tags, leather tags, and geometric designs, we let you identify your bags with a bit of your own style. It's one of the easiest ways to keep the health of your household at ease while traveling. While being quality made, they are also affordable! Our tags start at just $2.99 with free shipping on all travel accessories. 

What Information Should I Put On My Luggage ID Tag?

All of our travel bag tags have designated space for you to write your information. We recommend that you put your email address, phone number, first initial, and last name. For privacy sake, this should be enough information to use on an external tag. Many travelers also like using another tag on the inside of the bag. In this case, write your travel destination, contact information, and alternative contacts at your destination and/or hometown.