Lewis N. Clark travel gear is sold and recommended by travel professionals, retailers (large and small), product reviewers, and bloggers all over the world. Thank you to all of those who have spread the word!


Products Suggested by Real Simple:

Sink Suds - "It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a real thing—SinkSuds doesn’t require a washing machine, just your clothes, water, and a sink or a bathtub."


Products Suggested by

Pill Organizer - "When you're on-the-go, you might want to spring for a travel-sized pill organizer. The Lewis N Clark is a lightweight organizer that comes with nine clear plastic pouches."



Products Suggested by Independent Wolf:

ONboard Underseat Duffel Bag - "Specifically designed to fit under airline seats, this duffel still manages to offer a lot of storage space with plenty of pockets and compartments to help you stay organized."



Products Suggested by The Wire Cutter:

Travel Umbrella - "If you’re tired of getting caught in the rain unprepared, consider keeping the Lewis N. Clark Umbrella in your bag or in the trunk of your car."



Products Suggested by Upgraded Points:

Triple Security Lock - "If you want something that offers more security than just a single travel lock, why not consider a triple lock instead?"



Products Suggested by The Gay Traveler:

Secura Destinations Anti-Theft Tote - "Spring break is just around the corner and now is the time to start booking for the best deals and options."


Products Suggested by Jacoby's Journey:

Full Collection - "I've been traveling abroad for over 7 years now and I want to share ways to travel cheaper and easier. Also, I review travel gear that I believe to be the best for lightweight (and more efficient) travel and backpacking. "


Products Suggested by Rachel Geoffrion:

Packing Cubes - "I highly recommend traveling with only carry on (hand luggage), and packing cubes will help you stay very organized in a small amount of space."



Products Suggested by The World Pursuit:

Travel Umbrella - "The Lewis N. Clark umbrella also incorporates mildew resistant technology into the canopy, keeping you dry and preventing those nasty spores from growing if you’re forced to fold down your wet umbrella for an extended time."




Products Suggested by Trip Savvy:

Convertible Neck Pillow - "Helps you sleep like a baby 35,000 feet in the air."
RFID Blocking Neck Wallet- "For those that don’t like the idea of a traditional money belt."



Products Suggested by EBags:

ElectroLight Collection - "Save space and stay organized on your next trip with these easy-to-use expandable and compressible packing cubes."



Products Suggested by Less Talk, More Delicious:

Travel Laundry Clothesline - "Obviously, when packing light and minimal during travel, you won't have an abundance of clothes on you. So, washing your own clothes and doing laundry (whether it be in a sink or a local laundromat) is definitely a must."


Products Suggested by Outdoor GearLab:

Travel Umbrella - "This umbrella is an outstanding deal; simple, light, and it will outlast all similar inexpensive drug store models."


Products Suggested by Passports & Plates:

Full Collection - "I remember the first product I got from Lewis N Clark. It was early 2015 and someone gifted me the Electrolight Backpack and I immediately fell in love."



Products Suggested by Round the World Girl:

Full Collection - "Do you know what I love? Travel stuff!!! Products that help me when I’m travelling whether it be for protecting the nice gear that I already have or things that keep me organized, I absolutely love."



Products Suggested by Calculated Traveller:

Travel Bags - "You got to know that when a brand is named after and inspired by the great American explorers Meriwether Lewis & William Clark, that they mean serious business when it comes to travel products."




Products Suggested by Eurolinguiste:

Passport Wallet - "Lewis N. Clark has a very classy and classic RFID signal-blocking passport holder to protect my passport and credit cards from modern-day, digital pickpocketing."




Products Suggested by Tuck:

Comfort Eye Mask - "Our pick for the best Travel Sleep Mask, the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask, is exceptionally suited for travel because it is made from ripstop nylon that will not tear or lose shape easily (unlike many masks made from natural fibers)."



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